Frequently Asked Questions

Important information and answers about my products and ordering!

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Shipping happens within 3 to 5 working days after payment. 

I try to pack everything as securely and shielded from damage as best as possible. 

All smaller prints and objects such as postcards, stickers and bookmarks will be sent in an envelope. 

If you want special secure packaging or require a padded envelope for postcards, please don’t hesitate to contact me via ko-fi as shipping fees increase. 

It’s what the name suggests: Paper made from grass. This method requires less water and energy and less cellulose fiber—which comes from wood. Over 90% of all paper in the world is made from that fiber extracted from wood. 

Grass paper still needs this fiber, too, but only a little amount. 

The grass comes from local fields and is more or less “leftover” grass. 

For my prints I use paper produced in Germany with grass harvested in Germany as well. 

More on grass paper » (German only) 

Absolutely not. In general, one big criteria for paper production is that the result doesn’t provoke allergic reactions. That goes for all paper materials!

You can smell the grass paper without a worry!

Half of the products are printed on grass paper, the rest is printed on white offset paper (300 g/m²). 

All grass paper products are home-printed by me. Since the grass paper is a natural product, not one paper is the same and has its individual texture. 

I don’t take surcharge for neither of the paper kinds. They both cost the same.

Question unanswered? Don’t hesitate to contact me via ko-fi.